Lessons of Time

Prague, Czech Republic, 2007

Time stands still for no one, and yet we do everything we can to capture him. We attribute time as our father constantly guiding us one direction. If we know where time stands, maybe we can have control over the things that happen in our lifetime.

The Prague Orloj sits on the southern wall of the Old Town Square. It’s faces and dials count off seconds, minutes, hours, months, seasons, and astrological positions of the sun and the moon. According to legend, the astronomical clock holds such importance that the city will suffer if ever it is ever neglected.

Standing at the clock, it’s faces staring back at me, I am overwhelmed as we consider each other. I feel I have found a treasure with answers left to uncover. The clock stares back as it has for the last 600 years, still moving on its course ahead.

“What do you think of the clock?” I asked my companion, reluctant to turn away and miss seeing time pass. He was already on the other side of the square people-watching by the fountain.

I turned away from the crowd and considered the clock again. The hands slip steadily on. The Apostles keep their hourly march. Death waits to chime in the hour.

I would learn lessons later about fickle time, and moments passing me by. Father Time may be steady on his course, but we are not.

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