Blank Space

Bali, Indonesia, 2009


Heart ripped,

The stitches didn’t hold and can’t bear the pain.

Untag, untag,

All the posts that were open for the public to see.

They had my name graffitied on them.

I am just taking out the garbage

You left sitting on the wayside.


Scrub it away.

That’s all these memories are now,


A lie

Or a truth?

Certainly one that has no relevance anymore.


I have become obsolete.

My services are no longer required.

I am a relic from times long past.


Click, remove tag.

Click, remove tag.

Blank space;

Not space to write something new,

Rather space that has been erased.

I am erased.


Upgrade, replace.

Out with the old, on with the new.

There is no difference.

Same, same; but different.

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